Sunday, December 26, 2010

I love our basement!!

We finally have our basement finished to how I like it, for Christmas the kids got a computer and a game table so I had to rearrange a little but LOVE it. This corner is the board game/computer/game table section.

This is our couch/wii section of the basement.

This is our main computer and my craft table(little but perfect.)

Of course Lucie has a "baby" corner of the basement!


Marc, Miranda, Maycie and Nash said...

I love it too!! I especially love the Phoenix Suns flag :) That makes me happy!! I hope you guys had a great Christmas. Maybe one year we can all be together during Christmas!! Love you all!

Jenn Fort Haderlie said...

hey guys!! looks like things are going good for you!! We moved back to AZ and guess what Josh, we're in your parents ward!! Good to be back in the heat!! Keep up with the blog, would luv to see whats goin on with you guys!!

Allvy Julin said...


Subhash Singh Tomar said...

Amazing Guys.
Hows u doing???
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Carteland Augusto said...